How to use and implement our strategies

Our strategies are comprehensive enough to be implemented for an entire portfolio. From a theoretical point of view, the model takes into account diversification, correlation and risk management considerations. From an empirical point of view, the model has a long history of consistent strong returns with low volatility and drawdowns. Depending on your risk appetite, you may either:

This being said, our strategies can also provide excellent diversification benefits when complemented with other strategies. Indeed, many investors are – rightly so – more comfortable when they diversify their portfolio not only through asset classes but also various strategies. In this regard, one could stress that:

Operationally, our strategies are very easy to implement. At the end of each month, check on the website the new portfolio compositions (in you subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive an email once the new portfolio compositions are posted). On average, between 2 and 3 positions change, which means 2 (or 3) positions are sold and replaced by new ones. The actual trading usually takes place during the first trading day of the new month. One way to implement the rebalancing is to enter a limit order on the that 1st of the new month at the last month’s closing price. If the order is not filled during the day, buy at the close. More information is available in our FAQ section.