Premium Tactical Asset Allocation for January 2013

This post updates the composition of all our Premium Portfolios. If you want to access their holdings updated for the month of January 2013, please login or upgrade your membership to a premium plan.

Happy new year to our fellow members and all their families and friends! We wish you all the best for 2013!

This was another great month of strong risk-adjusted returns for our portfolios, with the best performer being once again the aggressive portfolio (+2.8%!), followed by the conservative portfolio (+1.4%), and the platinum portfolio (+1.2%). Only the retirement portfolio was slightly in the red (-0.7%) but still ends the year with a +3.9% return.

This performance continues to be mostly attributable to our overweighting of emerging market equities, which have been catching up with U.S. markets over the last few months. In spite of this catch up, the relative valuation of most emerging markets remain more attractive than the valuation of U.S. Equities. Emerging markets seem to be finally recovering after two difficult years. Now more than ever is the time to be able to identify to best opportunities among this asset class. Our key tool to do so is our main emerging market rankings. We have also updated the rankings of the main asset classes.

How does this translate into the composition of our Premium Portfolios for January 2013?

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