Premium Newsletter – March 2013

This newsletter updates the main ETF rankings and the composition of all our Premium Portfolios. If you want to access their holdings updated for the month of March 2013, please login or upgrade your membership to a premium plan.

After a monster push up in January, U.S. Equity Markets have consolidated during most of the month of February and a growing number of indicator points to the increasing probability that we are near an intermediate market top. In this uncertain environment, our 3 Premium Portfolios held well, with better performance for the more conservative strategies: the Retirement Portfolio is up + 1.4%, followed by the Platinum Portfolio (+0.8%) and finally the Aggressive Portfolio (+0.4%).

From a technical standpoint, many indicators have turned bearish, with the share of U.S. stocks above their 200-day moving average and the share above their 50-day moving average topping in February and heading down. Same applies to the other market internals indicators that we follow such as the Nasdaq Summation Index or the Bullish Percent Index.

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