Portfolio Allocations for July 2013

This post updates the main ETF rankings and the composition of all our Premium Portfolios. If you want to access their holdings updated for the month of July 2013, please login or upgrade your membership to a premium plan.

The Top 2 sectors that will be held by the Sector Rotation Strategy in July are Consumer Services (IYC) and Healthcare (IYH). The Core ETF Portfolios have also been updated. Note that 75% of the ETFs are now trading below their 6-month moving average.

The Platinum and the Aggressive Portfolios were both short Emerging markets last month, and the position has been instrumental in preserving our capital. In June, the Platinum was down a modest -0.6% (less than half of the SPY) with only 7.5% volatility (versus 17.5% for the SPY).

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