Portfolio Allocations for February 2014

This post updates the main ETF rankings and the composition of all our Premium Portfolios. If you want to access their holdings updated for the month of February 2014, please login or upgrade your membership to a premium plan.

The Top 2 sectors that will be held by the Sector Rotation Strategy in February 2014 are Technology (IYW) and Healthcare (IYH).

Emerging market currencies under stress, equity markets in the red, countries on the verge of a new full blown crisis (Turkey, Argentina): January has been rocky to say the least. But who is the culprit? Beyond specific vulnerabilities in EMEs, the question is: is the Fed or China to blame? We give some hints in this month’s newsletter.

The Retirement Portfolio (-0.3%) and the Platinum Portfolio (-1.2%) had already started to lower their risk exposure before the January’s rout. They have therefore been much less affected than the more aggressive portfolios, which have been closely tracking the S&P500 (-2.6%).

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