Why us

PROFITABLE. Our strategies have an average return between 15% and 30% per year, depending on your risk appetite. You can access our signals for a low monthly fee. These fees have been fixed in such a way that they do not represent a meaningful drag on performance, even if your portfolio size is relatively small.

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CONSISTENT. All our strategies recorded 100% positive years and 100% positive trailing 12-month returns. Depending on the strategies, between 69% and 73% of monthly returns are positive. We are dedicated to providing strategies that grow your account consistently.

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COMPREHENSIVE. Our strategies allocate funds according to our global tactical asset allocation proprietary models. Subscribers receive precise buy/sell rebalancing signals that allow our portfolios to dynamically and flexibly adapt to market developments. Our strategies are fully comprehensive as they allocate all the funds in a portfolio and take into account money management considerations. The performance figures we show represent the overall return of your portfolio, not the return on specific chosen trades like so many other services do.


LOW RISK. Our strategies are low risk strategies. They all record realtively low volatility, low ulcer index and small drawdowns. We have calculated many different risk metrics for all our portfolios since 2006. Learn more. Past results do not guarantee future performance. But we do not know better guide to test and design strategies. All our strategies are based on sound concepts confirmed by solid academic research and have been backested through virtually all market conditions (bull, bear and sideways markets). 


SIMPLE. Based on your risk appetite and/or sentiment, just pick your strategy or mix strategies. All you have to do then is follow the monthly rebalancing signals of our model portfolios, which are posted before the first trading day of each month.

The standard portfolios are adjusted on a monthly basis, but in some rare instances they are adjusted on the 15th of the month (as was the case in September and October 2011). The retirement portfolio is adjusted on a monthly basis. The platinum portfolio is adjusted more frequently. All subscribers receive an email alert as soon as adjustement trades are posted on the website.