About us

My ETF Hedge Fund was created in May 2011 by a former trader and macroeconomist to offer retail investors insights on how the large variety of ETFs and sound investing strategies can help virtually anyone achieve strong Hedge Fund like-returns while limiting their risks.

The strategies detailed on this website have a solid academic background and have been thouroughly backtested. They may be implemented by anyone willing to steadily grow their account. Indeed, we ourselves invest by applying the exact principles and processes we put forward at My ETF Hedge Fund.

We believe hedge fund-like returns are achievable by any retail investor provided sound strategies are implemented. We are dedicated to helping those savvy investors take advantage of investing methods that can deliver consistent returns with much less risks than traditionnal buy and hold / diversification strategies.

Over the months, we have increased the number of tools and strategies available to our members and will continue to do so. Our most recent addition is the Fastlane ETF Model Portfolio, holding up to 4 positions and rebalanced every 15 days, which as delivered over 27% per year on average between December 2005 and December 2012.

I was in an investment quandary early this year and My ETF Hedge Fund may have solved it. I read some books and dozens of articles on relative strength and believe that My ETF Hedge Fund has the best approach. With "relatively" little effort you have the opportunity for market-beating returns with low risk. I'm beginning to move my familys' portfolios into My ETF Hedge Fund.–Mike

How should one allocate their capital to best leverage their ability to participate in the ever more connected world economy without unnecessary risk? My ETF Hedge Fund appears to have answered this question allowing for tactical allocations while maintaining your strategic investment vision. I've only been following the advice for about two months and I'm very delighted with the results thus far. Thank you, this is a terrific service you provide!–Bud