• Be your own hedge fund

    The Development of ETFs has made it possible for retail investors to achieve high absolute returns while limiting risks by replicating Hedge-Fund like strategies. My ETF Hedge Fund provides comprehensive investment strategies that are easy to implement.

    Be your own hedge fund
  • Our Platinum Portfolio

    Our Platinum Portfolio returned an outstanding 24.2% compounded annual growth return over the last 7 years (end-2005 to end-2012) while keeping risk very low and drawdowns small (-7.5% maximum monthly drawdown). Such a remarkable performance has been achieved thanks to our proprietary dynamic tactical asset allocation process.

    Our Platinum Portfolio


  • 25% per year on average
  • Bear-proof since 2003
  • Low cost


  • 100% positive years
  • 70% positive months


  • Tactical asset allocation
  • Precise Buy/Sell 
  • Flexible and dynamic 


  • Low volatility/ulcer index 
  • Small drawdowns
  • Extensively backtested


  • Pick your strategy
  • Rebalance once a month
  • Sleep well



Our Model portfolios are based on sound strategies build on dynamic tactical asset allocation processes. They are targeted to retail investors willing to achieve strong absolute returns in any market while limiting risks and drawdowns. Investing by models is a 100% mechanical process that completely removes emotions from your decision making.

The Sector Switch Strategy and the core ETF portfolio are free strategies. The Premium Membership gives you access to all our strategies, including the Platinum Portfolio, the Retirement Portfolio and the Aggressive Model Portfolio.


I was in an investment quandary early this year and My ETF Hedge Fund may have solved it. I read some books and dozens of articles on relative strength and believe that My ETF Hedge Fund has the best approach. With "relatively" little effort you have the opportunity for market-beating returns with low risk. I'm beginning to move my familys' portfolios into My ETF Hedge Fund.–Mike

How should one allocate their capital to best leverage their ability to participate in the ever more connected world economy without unnecessary risk? My ETF Hedge Fund appears to have answered this question allowing for tactical allocations while maintaining your strategic investment vision. I've only been following the advice for about two months and I'm very delighted with the results thus far. Thank you, this is a terrific service you provide!–Bud